Library Services

Service Type
Person making copies at printer

There is a copy machine located in the main circulation area when entering the building. Black and white copies are 10 cents each, color copies are 25 cents each.

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Flash drives

Need to save your work but forgot your flash drive at home? Not to worry, ask the reference staff for a flash drive. Each drive can be purchased for $2.00, the library cannot accept credit card payments at this time. 

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Person standing at printer pressing button

Black and white prints are 10 cents per page. Color prints are 25 cents per page. All public access computers have access to printing.

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Person scanning document

The scan center is located in the adult computer area. Scans may be made in color or black and white. There is no cost to scan documents.

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VHS to DVD converter kit

Convert old VHS tapes to DVD's while visiting the Library. The conversion set up is available for in library use during operating hours. See staff in the adult services department to utilize this equipment.

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Free WiFi symbol

The Mattituck-Laurel Library offers free WiFi access to patrons. WiFi can be accessed without a password by accepting the terms of use via the splash screen on your device. WiFi can be accessed while inside or outside of the library building.

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Wireless Printing

Wireless printing is available while connected to the guest WiFi network. Prints are 10 cents each for black and white and 25 cents each for color. See staff in the adult services department to pay and pick up your prints.

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