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The primary purpose of the Library’s meeting space is to serve as a venue for Library sponsored services, programs, and activities. Library services, programs and activities shall have priority over all other activities.

Applicant’s Eligibility:

  1. Permission to use the Library’s meeting rooms may be granted to community groups, organizations and individuals whose aims are Library connected; educational; cultural and/or civic.
  2. Preference shall be given to Library District based organizations and organizations whosemembership is primarily comprised of Library District residents.
  3. Use of the Library’s meeting rooms is subject to all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations as well as policies set forth by the Library’s Board of Trustees.
  4. Meeting rooms are not to be used for sectarian religious instruction or as a place of religious worship or to proselytize, for political agendas, for fundraising or for the advancement of commercial or profit-making enterprises with the exception of enterprises that the Library invites to present programs, classes or services to the public.
  5. Applicants who are reserving meeting room space for tutoring must comply with theLibrary’s Tutoring Policy in addition to this policy.


  1. Availability will be determined solely by the Library.
  2. Applications for meeting room space must be submitted in writing at least one week prior to the event.
  3. No meeting room use request is considered final until the application is signed and returned to the Library and the applicant has been notified of approval.
  4. The Library reserves the right to reschedule a meeting.
  5. A meeting room may only be reserved for up to 3 months from the date of application. It is the responsibility or the applicant to submit a new application as they near their current 3 month period if they want to continue meeting on an on going basis. Request for a date(s) beyond 3 months may be granted at the discretion of the Library Director.
  6. Renewal applications to continue using the Library’s meeting rooms will be determined based on the Library’s need for space to offer its programs and activities as well as a desire to assure that the use of the Library’s facilities is equitably apportioned among those requesting space

Applicant’s Responsibilities:

  1. The meeting rooms shall be used only for the specific activity stated on the attached application. Activities of groups will not interfere with or disrupt
  2. Library operations.
  3. By executing this application, the applicant agrees to the release of the applicant’s name and telephone number to any person(s) requesting information concerning the organization’s activities or programs.
  4. Except to designate the meeting’s location, the name and address of the Mattituck- Laurel Library may not be used for any purpose. In publicity or media coverage for the applicant’s program, it must be clear that the Library is not the organizer or sponsor of the event or program.
  5. For events that include minors (under age 18), responsible adult supervision in a ratio that will be determined by the Library Director is required. Participants who bring children to meetings must abide by the Library’s Unattended Child Policy.
  6. Any organization, community group or individual using the meeting rooms will be financially responsible for any damage which may occur during use of the room.
  7. The Library is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged articles.
  8. The applicant must agree to limit attendance to the occupancy for which each meeting space is rated.

Room Requirements:

  1. The room shall be setup by Library personnel and prior notification of a minimum of 48 hours is required.
  2. Permission to use the Library audio-visual equipment must be granted by the

Library and must be operated by an organization representative who is appropriately trained and assumes responsibility for the equipment.

  1. Refreshments may be provided but must be approved by the Library Director prior to the event or program. No alcoholic beverages may be served. If the Library’s kitchen facilities are used they must be cleaned by the applicant.
  2. Due to space constraints, storage of the applicant’s materials is not available.
  3. Library personnel must have free access to meeting space at all times. The Library reserves the right to monitor all meetings conducted on the premises.



  1. There shall be no charge for the use of the meeting rooms during regular operating hours. Setup and cleanup time are included in an organization’s reserved hours.
  2. The applicant may request use outside the Library’s normal hours of operation. Should such permission be granted, the applicant will incur a staffing charge of $25.00 for each hour or fraction thereof, not to exceed one hour beyond closing time. Payment must be made at the time of application.
  3. No admission fee may be charged, nor may a collection be taken.


Revised 10/2017

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