About the Library


Discover the evolution of the Mattituck-Laurel Library from its modest origin housing 450 books to its present stature with a collection of 60,000 diverse items including books, media, and more. This transformation reveals a shared dedication of staff, volunteers, trustees, Friends of the Library, and patrons, shaping the library into a cultural and educational center for Mattituck and Laurel. Their ethos emphasizes the significance of an inclusive public library reflecting community values, ensuring access for all.

Elmer D. Tuthill founded the library in 1903, initially housed in the Octagon Building. The library later relocated to Library Hall in 1905, gifted by Frank M. Lupton. A crucial turning point occurred after a 1939 fire, leading to the acquisition of a new property on Main Road. The original brick building was constructed in 1961, expanded in 1980 with support from Katie Dexter. Further expansion in 1998 culminated in a 2000 addition, introducing a children's room, meeting spaces, and an art gallery. In 2021, a greenspace and expanded parking were added.

The tireless work of volunteers, trustees and dedicated staff comes to fruition in a modern facility, combining comfort with advanced technology for accessible library services.

Mission, Vision, Goals

To enrich the quality of life in our community


The Mattituck-Laurel Library enhances the quality of life for residents in the communities of Mattituck and Laurel. The Library is the center for information, educational enrichment, and recreation for all ages, providing materials, programs and services that reflect the changing needs of the community. Additionally, the Library provides community groups and organizations a convenient, safe and accessible meeting space.  The Library is committed to serving families with young children by providing developmentally appropriate programs, welcoming public spaces, and materials for very young children and their parents or caregivers. The Library is also committed to nurturing children to become lifelong library users.  The Mattituck-Laurel Library is a dynamic community center which keeps pace with the changing needs of the communities it serves. The Library is committed to pursuing building and grounds procedures and programs that conserve energy and are environmentally friendly. 

Long Range Plan 2022-2025 (PDF)


  1. Respond to the needs and interests of the communities of Mattituck and Laurel.
  2. Provide a variety of cultural, educational, and recreational programs.
  3. Provide materials in a variety of formats, based on the changing needs of the communities of Mattituck and Laurel. 4. Provide well-maintained, barrier-free, easy-to-use facilities.
  4. Promote the Library’s services and collections.
  5. Maintain and develop ties with community organizations and institutions.
  6. Ensure the effectiveness of the Board as a cohesive unit that reflects the communities it serves and responsibly governs the Library. Periodically review business and fiscal policies and provide adequate and stable funding.
  7. Periodically review personnel practices and procedures and ensure continuous staff development.