Friends Group Memo of Understanding

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Friends Group Memo of Understanding


The following will constitute an operating agreement between the Friends of the Mattituck-Laurel Library (Friends) and the Mattituck-Laurel Library (Library). It will stand until and unless it is modified by mutual agreement of the Friends executive board and the Mattituck-Laurel Library administration. The Friends mission is to raise money and public awareness in the community to support the services and programs of the Library. As a non-profit, 501c3 organization, however, it is a legally distinct entity and is not a part of the Library.


The Library agrees to include the Friends in the long-term planning process to ensure that the Friends are aware of the goals and direction of the library.


The Library agrees to share with the Friends the library’s strategic initiatives at the beginning of each fiscal year and discuss with Friends how their resources and support might help forward these initiatives.


The Library agrees to supply the Friends with a “wishlist” each year that indicates the anticipated needs for Friends support.


The Library agrees to provide the Friends with staff support to assist them with development of the newsletter, mass mailings, meeting coordination, and Friends promotional materials.


The Library agrees to provide public space for Friends membership brochures and promotional materials.


The Library agrees to provide the Friends with space in the Library for book storage and sorting, book sales, and office needs.


The Friends agree to publicly support the Library and its policies.


The Friends agree to include a member from the library’s administration as a non-voting presence at all Friends’ meetings and to allow room on the agenda for a library report.


The Friends agree that any and all monies raised will be spent exclusively for library programs, services, and other Library defined needs, unless otherwise agreed to by both the

Friends and the Library. Parties agree that money received by the Friends should be used to support the Library, and that those funds should supplement and not supplant public funding.


The Friends agree that the library administration has the final say in accepting or declining any and all gifts made to the library.


The Friends agree to engage in advocacy efforts on behalf of the Library under the guidance of the Library and the Library’s Board of Trustees.


The Friends agree that if they cease to actively fundraise and promote the Library, they will disband allowing for a new Friends group to be established in the future.


Adopted 11/13/2023


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