Maintenance of Public Order

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Patrons not complying with these rules and regulations are subject to being directed to leave the Library premises by the Director or his/her designee. The Library Director or his/her designee is authorized to call the Police when deemed warranted.

Any patron who violates the Library’s rules and regulations may be denied the privilege of access to the Library by the Board of Trustees for a term to be determined by it. Library Patrons shall not:

  • interfere with the right of the public to enjoy those services offered by the Library;
  • disrupt/disturb any other’s use of the Library; or disrupt Library staff, functions or programs; this includes loud, abusive or threatening language or gestures;
  • loiter on Library premises;
  • smoke within any portion of the building;
  • possess illicit drugs, alcoholic beverages, fireworks, firearms, knives or weapons while on Library premises;
  • deface, damage, destroy Library material, equipment or property or any property belonging to a patron or staff member. Any person who causes physical injury to the person or damage to the property of another shall be held responsible for such acts to the extent permitted by law;
  • eat or drink on Library premises without prior administrative approval;
  • sit on Library tables or put their feet on Library tables or chairs;
  • be inappropriately dressed. Patrons are required to wear footwear, as well as upper and lower body covering;
  • enter into unauthorized areas;
  • bring pets in to the Library building with the exception of “service” animals;
  • leave children unattended on Library premises (See unattended Children Policy)
  • rearrange Library furniture;
  • fail to abide by the directions of staff;
  • violate any State, Federal or local law or regulation while on Library property;
  • utilize computers for any unlawful purpose including accessing pornographic websites;
  • bring skateboards, roller blades, roller skates, bicycyles, wheeled sneakers or sports equipment into Library building or utilize Library grounds with such;
  • use cell phones, personal communication devices, walkie-talkies, headsets or similar devices in the Library building with the exception of the Library lobby;
  • engage in commercial pursuits or solicitation of any kind without prior administrative approval. Material distribution or placement of materials in the Library without prior administrative approval is prohibited;
  • engage in behavior that may be considered as harassment of any nature;
  • use cameras, cell phone cameras, recording devices, camcorders, etc., on Library premises without prior administrative approval;
  • play audio or video equipment such that others can hear such transmissions;
  • stare at or stalk another person;
  • propagandize, preach, distribute literature or insert items or writings into Library materials;
  • possess a lack of hygiene to the extent such causes a nuisance to staff or patrons;

Individuals who are registered sex offenders are prohibited from entering the Children’s Room.

While visiting the Library, at all times, parents and/or caregivers are required to have control over the children for whom they are responsible. Children’s behavior that is disruptive to others’ use of the Library or to Library functions or programs is unacceptable and parents and/or caregivers of disruptive children will be held responsible and may be required to leave the Library premises.

Patrons who refuse to comply with the directives of the Library Director, or other authorized personnel shall be required to leave the premises.

Adopted 4/2006 Revised 4/2019

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