Tutoring Policy

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Tutoring Policy


In furtherance of its mission to encourage lifelong learning in a welcoming environment, the Library permits tutoring on the premises in accordance with this policy.


Volunteer Tutors and Tutors Hired By Mattituck-Cutchogue School District

Tutors will use a meeting room for tutoring activities. Space is subject to availability and is granted on a first-come, first-served basis. Tutors should check on the availability of a room at the circulation desk. Use may be limited to one hour when another person is waiting to use the room. It is the responsibility of the tutor to make all meeting arrangements prior to arrival at the library. Students less than 18 years of age are the responsibility of the tutor until released to a parent/guardian. Tutors and students must comply with the library's Patron Behavior Policy. Tutors are responsible for any damage to library property.


All Other Tutors

There is no designated space in the Library, nor may any space be reserved for tutoring. When available, the meeting rooms may be used as a tutoring space. The Reference / Computer Area, Study Area, Local History Area, Teen Room, Children’s Room and Tween Room may not be used for tutoring.


Tutoring sessions must be kept as quiet as possible so as not to disturb other Library patrons or Library staff. When applicable, students must use headphones for computer course work. The Library reserves the right to limit tutoring activities if space resources are monopolized or the tutoring activities interfere with Library operations or other patrons.


Library sponsored programs will not be moved or modified to accommodate a tutoring session.


Tutors may not publish or distribute advertising or letters identifying the Library as their place of doing business or imply Library sponsorship or endorsement of their professional activities. Tutors may not solicit Library patrons in the Library.


Any fees that are negotiated for tutoring are between the tutor and the person(s) being tutored and/or their parent or legally responsible adult. The Library is in no way involved in fees charged nor does it endorse the charging of fees for tutoring within the Library. All arrangements, monetary or otherwise, must be made between the tutor and the student, and/or the student’s parent or other legally responsible adult away from Library property. No exchange of money may take place in the Library between the tutor and the student and/or student’s parent or other legally responsible adult.


The Library does not sponsor, recommend or assume liability or responsibility for the work and/or activities of the tutor and all arrangements must be made between the tutor and the student and/or student’s parent or other legally responsible adult. The tutor is responsible for establishing communication protocols between his/her students and their parents or other legally responsible adult.


The Library staff is not responsible for making or canceling tutoring sessions nor taking or relaying messages between tutors, students or the parents or other legally responsible adult.


Tutors may provide instruction for a maximum of two students per tutor, per session. The Library may not be used as a classroom or office space. It is intended to be a safe, quiet workspace for students.


Tutors and students must bring their own supplies. Library staff is available to assist tutors and their students as they would any patron.


Tutors and students are subject to all other applicable Library policies. The tutor shall be responsible for the students’ compliance with Library policies. Patrons that have been suspended from the Library are not permitted on the premises for tutoring.


The Library’s Unattended Child Policy requires that all children under the age 11 be accompanied and supervised by a parent or responsible caregiver while using all areas of the library. A responsible caregiver must be 14 years of age or older and can be the tutor with the consent of the parent. The Library assumes no responsibility for children left alone with a tutor.


Adopted 11/13/2023



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