Ladder Toss

Ladder Toss game set

The GoSports Standard Ladder Toss game was designed to provide all the fun of Ladder Toss at an economical price. This game is made of robust 1.5 mm PVC tubing, which is thinner than the 2.5 mm premium set, but it is 50% thicker than the competition's economy sets. If you are looking to have some casual fun at a great price, this is the set for you. This GoSports Standard set is built well beyond the quality of any other economy ladder toss set.


3 ladder toss targets: (4) T Connectors (black), (4) elbow connectors (black), 12 short pipes, 2 yellow scoring rungs, 2 green scoring rungs, 2 blue scoring rungs, and 6 Bolas (3 Red + 3 Blue) + 1 instruction sheet + 1 contents diagram, in carrying case.

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